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Is what a natural color cotton?Natural color cotton, again call the nobility fiber, plant fine wool, and is a modern living creature technique of a kind of adoption to improve to grow of, when the cotton bell is mature can directly open red, Huang, various cotton of fiber colors of palm tree, green etc. . The sense of vision that color cotton have is purely natural color, is a soft nature to the person, equanimity geniality, wash away dirt the empress the fiber color to gradually deepen. The natural color of the color cotton belong toes the clothing current the inside the throughest long a good characteristic for, its green environmental protections to cater to the human" green civilization" anxiety for. The natural color cotton of the Xinjiang pure and unadulterated of underwear adoption of natural color cotton have the natural true colors for the raw materials, and avoid the tradition's chemistry to dye the process. Don't contain any chemistry to dye, such as accidentally nitrogen, heavy metals. . . etc. , let the underwear farewell the dyeing the ages. Suggestion consumer:At choice underwear hour, certainly want the natural color of, never dye of, the in order to prevent skin suffer the chemistry to dye the violating of
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