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Natural herbal soap is 100% facial cleansing formulated from herbs. It is a handmade soap blends with well selected herbal powder. The high concentration of herbal powder make it effective for supervise your skin without any irritation because all material are from nature. Silky bubbly foam helps your skin to receive high benefit from herb.

1) BJ_HB1 Mangosteen Peel herbal Soap
Mangosteen peel herbal soap helps to reduce acne. Its concentrated mangosteen peel mixture helps to adjust skin balance, sweeps away clog in pores; cause of acne, reduces pore size and diminishes skin rash, make it smoother.

90 g
2) BJ_HB2 Licorice herbal Soap
Licorice herbal soap is an whitening soap. It contains concentrated Licorice that makes skin brighter naturally as well as prevent dark skin in long term if you applies it regularly.
90 g
3) BJ_HB3 Ling zhi mushroom herbal Soap
Ling zhi mushroom herbal soap is an anti-aging soap with the mixture of Ling zhi that has an antibacterial effect, reduce skin inflammation. In addition, anti-oxidation helps to delay age wrinkle as well as brighten facial skin. Your skin will look brighter and younger.
90 g
4) BJ_HB4 Thanakha herbal Soap
Thanakha herbal Soap contains Thanakha which is a Burma good skin tend herb. It helps skin soft, tender and reduce blemish and acne. It can protect your skin from UV light. In addition its comforting scent will make you relax and unwind.

90 g
5) BJ_HB5 Turmeric herbal Soap
Turmeric herbal Soap contains Thai cosmetic turmeric herb. It nourishes, brighten and make skin smooth, reduce skin rash and dark spot naturally.

90 g
6) BJ_HB6 Gingko herbal Soap
Gingko herbal Soap is an antitoxic soap. It contains Gingko important element that wipe out toxin in your facial skin suitable for lighten blemish skin naturally, protect sunburn skin as well as reduce skin inflammation.

90 g
7) BJ_HB7 Noni herbal Soap
Noni herbal soap is conditioning skin soap with mixture from Noni containing important ingredient that has an antioxidant, delay age wrinkle and reconditioning skin, make it bright and naturally increase tone at the same time.
90 g
8) BJ_HB8 Lemon Grass herbal Soap
Lemon Grass herbal Soap is pores dirt removing soap. It contains mixture from lemon grass which can remove dirt lies deep in skin pore, make it clear and clean with healthy looking. Its essential oils scent from Lemon grass gives you emotional relaxation.

90 g
9) BJ_HB9 Phlai herbal Soap
Phai herbal soap is skin firming soap. It contains mixture from Phlai which remove dirt from skin as well as firming skin pore. It will leave you with clear and clear skin in addition reduce body odour.
90 g
10) BJ_HB10 Ginger herbal Soap
Ginger herbal soap contains mixture from ginger extract with antibacterial effect. Its Enzyme help to remove dead skin cells, leave you with clean and clear skin. It also reduces skin inflammation as well as refreshing your skin with healthy looking.
90 g
11) BJ_HB11 Malccea herbal Soap
Malccea herbal Soap is suitable for blemish skin. It contains the mixture of Malccea which able to sweep away crude and dead skin cell. Its anti-oxidant helps to enhance skin condition and naturally fade away blemish.
90 g
12) BJ_HB12 Bengal Quince herbal Soap
Bengal Quince herbal Soap is skin enriching soap with Bengal Quince that contain skin essential vitamin to nourish skin. Its anti-oxidant helps to delay skin age degeneration, reduce acne and blemish make your facial skin bright and clear.
90 g
13) BJ_HB13 Pueraria herbal Soap
Pueraria herbal Soap is breast firming soap which is riches with Phytoestrogen from Pueraria. It helps to firming and brightens facial skin as well as firming breast and skin naturally.
90 g
14) BJ_HB14 Sesame herbal Soap
Sesame herbal Soap is moisturizing soap containing Sesame mixture which is a source of protein, calcium and vitamin B3. It enriches skin, make it smooth with healthy-looking, recondition weaken skin cell into healthy and moisture.
90 g
15) BJ_HB15
Tamarind herbal Soap
Tamarind herbal Soap is a natural AHA soap blended with tamarind extract. It riches with natural AHA which helps in exfoliate dead skin cells while nourishes new-born cells make facial skin clear and soft as well as remove dirt and excess oil from your facial skin.

90 g

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