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Mineral water DolceVITA!
The mineral water dolceVITA! is a low mineralized water, appropriate for every day use. It contains an optimum salt complex, which does not saddle the kidneys, but keeps the freshness and strength of the organism.

The water dolceVITA! is extremely pure  it comes from a great depth. Today its secret is already solved  its effect over the skin is caused by the content of silicon /Si/ and selenium /Se/ - substances, which are absolutely necessary for the cells and are expellant antioxidants.

dolceVITA! HAS EXTREMALY LOW LEVELS OF SODIUM /Na/ AND FLUORINE /F/. That makes the water very appropriate for preparing food for sucklings and for drinking of small children. Its complete properties help by the proper growth of the childrens organism.

Natural mineral water obtained and caught from a natural mountain spring

Natural mineral water from a spring of a great depth; pH 7.6; Appropriate for: Every day use; Preparing food for sucklings; Diets without Sodium /Na/; Problems with caries; Osteoporosis disease; Opposition against allergies; Antioxidant
Total mineralization: 379 mg/l
Electrical conductivity: 380 5S/ cm
Micro compounds:
Anions, mg/l:
F 0.6
Cl 3.9
SO4 28.2
Co3 0.0
HCO3 231.9
HSiO3 0.0

Kations, mg/l:
Na 20.6
Ca 40.0
K 1.6
NH4 0.0
Mg 19.5
Fe 0.0

Certificate Nr. 79/18.07.2002
BSS 14947-80
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