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Plant extracted, 26% of more weight gain, 100% biodegradable, direct active to the shrimp growth, cholesterol replacer, cost effective.

Dear Sir,

We're so glad to send this information. We are, therefore, interested in finding you as the first-class importers who would be in a position to handle our products in your country.

We develop a growth promoter for shrimp, it's a new concept of feed additive. I'm so glad to introduce our new naturally extracted feed additive of growth promoter to you.

Stimuler is the naturally extracted phyto-ecdysis hormone beta-ecdysone of crustacean, shrimp or crabs.

Direct supply of phyto-ecdysone to the shrimp feed is better than additional supply of cholesterol.

Stimuler was used for a university of Japan trials on P. japonicus. These was conducted by Dr. Toshiaki Itami, who is the professor of the National Fisheries University of Japan.

The trials have yielded positive results, i. e. improvement in weight gain up to 26%, reduction in mortality by >20 %. These have been by adding Stimuler, which is a non-antibiotic Naturally Extracted Growth Promoter for shrimp in the feed of prawn.

The quantity of Stimuler required for mixing in a tonne of feed is 200g upto 30days old, 500g upto 50days old, and 1kg to the harvest period.

Stimuler is safe and 100% biodegradable.

May we request you to incorporate Stimuler in your aqua feeds for optimum farm performance?

You can save the cholesterol cost as well as increase the usability of cholesterol through our STIMULER.

The followings are main products of us.

The followings are main products of us.

- Stimuler : Naturally plant extracted Growth Promoter for crustacean, shrimp

- Betamax : Fermentational originated Immune Stimulator of Beta Glucan for fish, livestock, shrimp

- Essen-C : Stable Vitamin C. : it's so stable in water and light, heat especially in salty water.

- Enbio-AQ : Lyophilized Aquaculture water waste degrader, pond probiotics, pond water quality enhancer.

- Enbio-PLUS : Lyophilized probiotics for poultry, pig, fish, shrimp. Activated by immune stimulating substance.

- Oxyworld : Red and Green algae remover. Algicide.

- Cleanup-20 : Water detoxifier, remove chlorine, ammonia, chloramine for aqua pond water

- Gromone-F for poultry and pigs for feed millers. (IGF-1 inducing growth promoter for feed supplement)

- Muccus for pigs diarrhea prevention (Natural products for feed supplement)
- Inselin : Feed appetizer(Feed intake enhancer) for livestock (Natural feed supplement)
- Ethoxyquin : 66% Powder, 100% Liquid form will be available.

- Fucoidan : Powerful white spot virus protector, immune enhancer.

Experience the newest technological product in your business.

Best Regards,

Dr. Glen Cho

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