Sell Naturel. (agave syrup)

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Used as an endulcorant ingredient for nutrition bars, candies, cookies, cereals, bread, tea, sodas, mermelades, dietary products, etc. Also The best choice for Diabetics. The Organic Agave Syrup is 100% natural and organic. It contains up to 86% fructuose such as many other properties and minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, magnessium, and many more. The fructuose is an excellent sweetener and one of the best in today's global market. The power of the sweeten is about 130% in comparision to a sacarose (in same portions) and it has a dietetic value.

Reasons why DIABETICS use our product

-This kind of simple sugar does not require insuline in their first fases for being metabolized.

-The Glucemic index for food is simply an evaluation of the speed incorporation of the sugar in blood. Our Syrup has a very low index, this is the main reason, diabetics use our product.

Soluble 100%

*High fermentability: the agave syrup is 100% fermentable because of leavening, (very well recommended for bread industry) .

Agave Syrup has a long live, 2 years. And many more if it is handled wisely.

We sell The Syrup in bulk basis. (pails of 25.5 kg. and drums of 285 / 290Kg. ) We also have a bottling presentation in 330 grams.

Brand Name
Supply Capacity
20 to 30 tons daily.
FDA, Kosher, JAS, and CBS Vko guarantee.