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Chemical Name: 4,4-bis((Alpha) , (Alpha) -dimethylbenzyl) diphenylamine
CAS NO. : 10081-67-1
Corresponding other producers name: Chemtura Corporation Naugard 445
Product appearance: White powder
This is one kind of highly effective, odorless, nontoxic general rubber antioxidant, and has small pollution among the amine antioxidants. Applied to natural rubber and chloroprene, SBR, isoprene, NBR, and so on, it can effectively protect from aging caused by heat, light, ozone, flex-fatigue and cracking. It has a good synergetics with sulfur-containing antioxidant. In contrast to other general antioxidants, SG-R 405 has an inimitable advantage when used in plastic and electric wire and cable, food packing material, adhesives, especially in chloroprene rubber and food packing, medical and health care product as rubber parts, light or garish colored rubber products, in the advanced rubber electric cable as well as the polyether, in advanced lubricating oil. Therefore, it is the ideal substitute of the antioxidant A, antioxidant D, , RD, 264, 4010, SP, WH-02, and the recommended dosage amount is 0.5-2%.
Packing: Packed with PE bag or cardboard drum, also can be packed according to customers requirement.
Storage: Seal and store it in a cool, dry and ventilated place, keep moisture-proof and waterproof, far away from kindling material and heat source.