Sell Nb(Niobium) (F-ST-1023)

Nb(Niobium) (F-ST-1023) You May Also Be Interested In: niobium foil
Niobium is a shiny, grey, ductile metal which has the nearly same chemical properties as tantalum. After extended periods of exposure in air at room temperature, this metal takes on a bluish tinge. Niobium starts to oxidize in air at 200? and becomes a superconductor at -263. 9? in the cryogenic condition.

The essentials:
Chemical formula: Nb
Color: grey
Atomic number: 41
Atomic weight: 92.90638(2)
CAS registry number: 7440-03-1

Our Niobium products is available in a wide range of forms including powder, wire, foil, sheet, rod, strip, plate, tube, alloys and etc.
1) Niobium powder
2) Niobium wire
3) Niobium foil
4) Niobium sheet
5) Niobium rod
6) Niobium strip
7) Niobium plate
8) Niobium tube
9) Niobium boats&crucibles
10) Niobium pentoxide(Nb2O5)
11) Niobium carbide
12) Niobium alloys (Nb/Zr, Nb/Al, Nb/Ni)

We also supply customer-made niobium products upon your request.