Sell Nd-Fe-B magnet

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Classification of common Nd-Fe-B performances: class N, class H, class SH, class UH, (BH) max as N45.

Other series Nd-Fe-B products, in the range of 30-45MGOe, from material H to EUH, from small size to #200mm complete large round circle, can be produced in this company.

High temperature resistant Nd-Fe-B
1 -Residual magnetic induction strength Br( T )
2 -Intrinsic coercive force Hcj(Oe)
3 -Largest magnetism performance (BH) max(MGOe)
4 -Working temperature0
5 -Transient working temperature0
6 -Reversible temperature coefficient Br(%/0)
7 -Size can be processed (unit: mm)
Supply Capacity
1000000 units
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
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FOB China
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