Sell NdFeB Magnets

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One of strong magnet product of rare earth magnet, offers sintered NdFeB magnets and bonded NdFeB magnets, etc.

NdFeB Permannet magnets, a strong magnetic material of a new type, are considered to be one of the most hopeful new Materials for the 21th Century in the world, Since the came into the market, NdFeB Permanent magnets have been playing a significant role in pushing forward the globle-wide new automatic production process and improving world!/s environments as well.

They have been widely used in industries, agriculture, national defense projects, petrochemistry, medical equipment and facilities, etc.

Surface Coating Thinckness
(Microns) Color Resistance
Passivation 1 Sliver Grey Temporary Protection
Nickel Ni+Ni 10-20 Bright Sliver Excellent against Humidity
Zinc Zn 8-20 Bright bule Good Against Salt Spray
C-Zn Shinny Color Excellent Against Salt Spray
Tin Ni+Cu+Sn 15-20 Sliver Superior against Humidity
Gold Ni+Cu+Au 10-20 Gold Superior against Humidity
Copper Ni+Cu 10-20 Gold Temporary Protection
Epoxy Epoxy 15-25 Black, Red, Grey Excellent against Humidity & Salt Spray
Chemical Ni 10-20 Silver Grey Excellent against Humidity
Parylene Parylene 5-20 Grey Excellent against Humidity, Salt Spray. Superior Against Solvents, Gases, Fungi and Bacteria. FDA Appoved.