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I am looking for new suppliers for sony, toshiba, dell, ibm, and acer laptops. I need laptops for US, EU, UK, and Asian markets as I have buyers in each of those. I am an agent and do not carry stock.
I am looking for a supplier who can work with me in the following areas:
1. since I am an agent I need a supplier who will take the full purchase price and once the deal is complete send me my comission which is the amount that I mark up the units to the buyer.
2. Supplier must be willing to sign a contract stating the above and also prohibiting them from circumventing me in dealing with my buyers. I will give the supplier all details about price the buyer and I have decided on and delivery location that is needed.
3. Supplier is best if he is willing to sell sample units to buyers for inspection.
4. Supplier must accept payment by L/C no matter what size the order is because it is the safest way for both the supplier and buyers to make the deal.
5. Supplier is also best if he is willing to offer fly and buy's and/or inspection by the buyers before the items are shipped. Some of my buyers require this.
6. All items must be new and unopened. they must be legitimate products of the above stated brands and not copies or fakes.
7. Prices including shipping are helpful.
8. Pictures are also sometimes asked for and would increase our chances of making a deal.
Thank you for your interest and I hope we will be able to work together in the future.
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