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This Belts Making Automatic Needle Crochet machine adopts random chain type. Customers may arrangement according to different patterns. Card plates are connected in nylon agraffe mode. Thus it become easier to change pattern. The accuracy rate is high and the dismantlement is simple.
Automatic recycling lubricating device. The maintenance is easy, and noise id low and machine parts have longer life.
Yarn breakage and automatic stopping, and alarm lights and quick braking of motor efficiently reduce the waste of yarns and the production of waste belts.
Mechanical and electrical parts work precisely. Double power control is applied firstly in the industry. With length counter, it becomes safer and conveniet.
The machine structure is precise and its design is reasonale. The parts employ high quality materials and precise processing. The rate of depreciation is low and the supply is ok.

Model S(M)
Middle Belt(piece)
Steel Buckle Width(mm)
Shedding Frame(fin)
Flower Plate Cycle(pin)
Machine Horsepower(H7P)
Machine Speed(T/M)





1.5(frequency control
Brand Name
Available Colors
Model Number
SJDV 6/45
Minimum Order Quantity