Sell Needle Punched Felt Bag

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- Material:
polyester, polypropylene, fiberglass, Nomex, P84, PPS, Acrylic and PTFE
- Application:
Cement, mining, coal,
- Benefit:
high stength
high acid resistant
good air permeability
dedusting efficiency up to 98.99%
long time working under 130
4-6 times longer life than fiberglass fabrics
- Description:
Needle punched felt is composed product of woven fabric and the non- woven of needle punched fabric. Inside the felt, there is a basic scrim to reinforcing the tensility. The tensility and elongation of the felt basically depends on the scrim. In recent years, some domestic chemical fiber enterprise have developed and produced the industrial high tenacity polyester yarn. It is 2-3 times stronger of ordinary polyester yarn. The felt with the scrim made of this high tenacity polyester yarn will get a high breaking tensility about 1600-2000N, at the same time elongation will reduce to half. It can greatly improve the collision-resistant and pressure-resistant of the felt, thus reduce the risk of damage and distortion of filter bags. Meanwhile it also promotes applications of the needle punched felt widely to a large scale in the liquid filtration. If the bags damage caused by abrasion and high airflow speed or high pressure during the production in some industrial and mining enterprises, they could be changed to the felt type.