Sell Needlezap reduces the danger of accidental needlesticks.

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Needle-sticks are a very serious problem in the health care industry today. NeedleZap destroys the needle at the point of procedure, thereby eliminating the possibility of a needle-stick injury from that point forward. Industry has attempted to address this problem with "Safety Needles" which are expensive, awkward and unreliable. The needle is still sharp and must be handled accordingly. In addition, health care workers are still at risk if the safety needle malfunctions.

Disintegrates the entire sharp needle portion of hypodermic syringe.

Compact, lightweight, and portable. Can be used in fixed or mobile applications (Unit measures 3" x
4" x 2" and weighs 1.4 lb. ) .

Four rubber pads secure the unit from moving when placed on a flat surface.

Easy to use. Requires very little training.
Can be used wherever accidental needlesticks are a danger.

One-year Limited Warranty.
Affordable solution to serious and expensive problem.