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Negative Ion Powder
One kind of powder of negative ion, due to this kind of super corpuscule is with characteristic of semiconductor and electron cavity in the material touches with water molecule, which can decompose water molecule into H+ and OH-, combine H- with H- to release in the form of H2. OH- combines with H2O to form (O3H2) -, namely negative ion. So the kind of powder is called negative ion powder.
[Five unique merits] Eradiate FIR (far infrared ray) with 4~145m wavelength;Give birth to 150~5000p/cm3 anion;Electrolyze to bring activated water presented alkalescence;Restrain bacteria and eliminate odor;Release various mineral microelements.
For dope, oil paint, wallpaper, wall cloth, ground tile, functional textile fabrics, bedding, costume, underclothes, cosmetic and ornaments, etc.
Types: Type A to Type C, Tourmaline Powder
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gray white
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L/C at sight or T/T
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