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Application Field:
ACST 8505 Neoprene Sealant is one component sealant based on Neoprene (Chloroprene) . It is a specially formulated sealant that cures to a tough flexible bone to the surfaces of most materials. As it provides excellent adhesion to metal, wood, concrete of masonry materials, it is the best one for the joints of container and can be widely used in the fields such as manufacture equipment and building construction.
ACST 8505 Neoprene Sealant with low cost and high without cracking will keep moisture out, thus to avoid major cause of paint failure. It is an excellent product that requires no special handling equipment. Its non-stringing, easy-to-apply consistency is designed for fact and smooth application with a conventional gun.
ACST 8505 is in full conformity to TT-G-00410 and ASTM C834-76 standard specifications of door latex sealing compound.