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A powerful Internet optimization gateway enables you to maximize the efficiency of Internet usage and ensures up-to-the-minute protection against a growing range of external threats, including viruses, spam and network intrusion, as well as user misuse.

Enhanced Internet efficiency
Predictive web caching increases bandwidth productivity to ensure faster and more concurrent access for all users.

Commercial grade firewall

Stops Internet sabotage and theft of information, Internal Misuse Prevention

Email Anti-Virus

Full protection Anti-virus against over 7,000 viruses, worms and Trojans with daily Automatic anti-virus updating - checks for update severy 16 minutes.

Email Anti-spam

4 layers of protection that block and destroys spam before it reaches your network. Blacklist of known spammers and unsuitable websites - updated daily

Web content filtering

Enables you to decide which web sites can be accessed. Boron, political and unwanted sites can be blocked by defining the URL or evenby defining the type of the contents.