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Net Recovery Guard is an innovative hard disk protection system. By adopting one hardware card (called Net Recovery Guard Card) , seamlessly integrating the network card and recovery card, the Active Workstation can remotely control all Passive Workstations by setting parameters, executing NetCopy, making schedules, running commands, synchronizing computer time and CMOS, or performing other operations.

In this way, via network, the Active Workstation can uniformly achieve hard disk protection for each Passive Workstation. Thus directly through operations on the Active Workstation, the system can protect each Passive Workstation's Hard Disk Drive from virus attacks, accidental file deletions/overwriting, failed software installations, system corruptions or crashes, etc.

Net Recovery Guard will keep your computer HD intact, with immediate recovery of all protected data on one or more partitions.

Net Recovery Guard offers the following features:
1. Its novel windows interfaced installation shield and working environment are user friendly and easy to use.
2. Lower hardware cost with the Net Recovery Guard Card, seamlessly integrating the network card and recovery card.
3. Net Recovery Guard works with the following operating systems:Windows 95(all versions) , Windows 98(all versions) , Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
4. Adopting the up to date technology, it can dynamically make best use of the hard disk space.
5. Its driver programs can auto-install, ensuring that the system works in 32-bit mode without in the least affecting system performance.
6. VxD's seamless connection with Net Recovery Guard assures that the system can also well perform protection even if there is no VxD.
7. No need to configure various settings or execute commands on each Passive Workstation. The Active Workstation can uniformly and easily do all these work.
8. Its NetCopy function empowers one NetCopy sender to copy its HD data to all of the NetCopy receiver, which has tremendously decreased workload and provided great convenience.
9. Netcopying does not require that the sending side and receiving sides have the same hard disk parameters, but only requires that the capacity of the sending side be less than or equal to the capacity of the receiving side.
10. Netcopying between non- RTL8139 series network cards is also supported.
11. Its multiple channels Active Workstation enables disparate Active Workstations to log in to different channels so as to keep control of Passive Workstations in an efficient way.
12. Remote power on is available for ATX motherboard and network adapter equipped computers.
13. Remote info function provides real-time monitoring Passive Workstations' hard disk drive.
14. Can be used on a laptop.
15. It works with most BIOS types, and requires no modern motherboard or processor.
16. All of Net Recovery Guard settings can be changed at any time with no data loss.
17. The PC's hard drive partitions can be arranged to allow some or no user storage. Writing to all or part of the hard drives can even be turned off completely, ideal for use at public exhibitions.
18. Concurrently monitors the contents of hard disk and CMOS.
19. Supports NTFS, FAT32, BIGDOS or FAT16 file format.
20. Supports hard disk larger than 150GB.
21. Supports the multiple boot startups created by using partition Active Workstation tools such as Partition Magic, SYSTEM COMMANDER, etc.
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