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1 up-link port, 4 down-link ports
Extending distance:
305-600m extension distance in 10M Ethernet
used with UTP CAT5 or CAT5E
Power supply:
internal power supply

OM4205 is the 5 ports and mini size network booster, which adopts the owned patent LRE ( Long- Reacher Ethernet) Ethernet driving technology and IEEE 802.3, this model provids the code of lead forming, symmetry and range compensation. Reseting signal to avoid that Signal Jitter rised by cable will not be accumulated in several segments. It detects to the incomplete data pack or conflict and produce a block signal to strengthen this detection. Finally, separate those ports(jabbering) that have problems to assure network normal. The transport port has digital pre-distortion function, it compensates the intrinsic signal strength attenuation of Twisted Pair Cable, the longest network segment of each Twisted Pair Cable is 305 meters ( the adoption of shield the RJ - 45 connector, UTP or STP electric cable) ; Link a integrality function to affirm the other segments network card or booster have already worked normally. The product concatenated can adopt the StraightThrough Cable or Crossover Cable. Port five provide up connect ports, allows to keep an usage of StraightThrough Cable.

Each port contains LED, it will be bright after link, the LED is flicker when port is in activity.

The OM4205 network booster under the full consideration for its design of reducing the power consumption, the adopted chip have the features of low power consumption, well acclimation temperature, so all boosters adopt the Heat-pipe solution to assure the well running performance under the high- temperature environment, because of the low noise thus its more suitable for the application of the Intelligentize Uptown and SOHO environment. At the northern region, it satisfied the high reliability network transport of customer in various environment especially the non-fan solution is valid in dust-proof and sand-proof .
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1 pc
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1 year