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1. Static plastic powder spraying, and toughened glass door.
2. Detachable and full opening structure, easy installation, goodly shape, flowing curve.
3. Adopting high quality cold rolling steel, even stress.
4. Adjustable of the depth of assemble board and height of the rack.
5. Standard frame base with truckle of four directions and adjustable supporting bolts, facilitates to move and install.

Order Information:
S. N Model/Code Description
1. WMCS-G01 19" wall-mounted cabinet(6U)
2. WMCS-G02 19" wall-mounted cabinet (8U)
3. WMCS-G03 19" wall-mounted cabinet (12U)
4. WMCS-G04 19" standard cabinet (20U)
5. WMCS-G05 19" standard cabinet (30U)
6. WMCS-G06 19" standard cabinet (35U)
7. WMCS-G07 19" standard cabinet (40U)
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