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With the swift development of computer network, the network application is very common now, and network systems in multitudinous domains, such as the electric power, the petrofactionchenical, the finance industry (stock, bank) , the broadcast and television industry (broadcast, television) , the transportation industry (train, airplane) and so on need to maintain the computers time synchronization and time accuracy at wide range. Therefore, a good time generator is extremely essential. In order to adapt these domainsrequest of more and more precise time, Silimin Company has independently developed the SNTS network timing server on the basis of SGPS series product. Besides inherits all functions of the satellite synchronization clock, embeds the international popular NTP-SERVER service, provides the precise time proofreading service to each network equipment by the NTP agreement, and it is independent to other network systems that may directly access the network as the network timing server. In addition, it has many kinds of time correction ways and easy to operate.


Large screen liquid crystal display; Chinese-characterizing menu operation; good human-machine interface; lightly key-touch control, convenient and nimble to use.

One or two routes network (RJ45) timing; provides the IP address which may set up as the independent network time server, provides the high accurate network time correction service by the international popular NTP-SERVER agreement, and also provides NetTime software which is suitable to WINDOWS, UNIX and other different operating systems, time unification proofreading request at different WebPages.

Uses American MOTOLORA Corporations specialized GPS timing chip, high time precision and strong signal capture ability. It has passed the international approved USNO laboratorys widespread tested 6 Sigma outstanding timing level. If needed, may provide the complete set test report;

Uses the Motorola 32 high performances one-chip computer and commercial real-time multi- duties operating system, highly guarantee the stability and the operating speed of the product.

High quality industrial part, high level electrical design and high density integration electric circuit structure enable the equipment to have outstanding electrical isolation and electromagnetic screen performance, there is no adjustable component of the entire machine, enormously enhance to safeguard the device anti-interference and reliability.

Wide voltage area cross-direct current input, in order to satisfy users different request for power.

Has multi-route programmable setting for the second, minute, hour synchronous pulse out, and may through the serial port to output the time information, convenient for all kinds of automatic equipment to choose.

The equipment has multi-serial information output and interactive ways, as well as the IRIG-B sinusoidal modulation output and the IRIG-B direct current bias output ways, satisfies the users different signal utilization request;

All signal output of the equipment must through photoelectric isolation, ; strong anti-interference.

Strong reliability of signal receiving, unrestricted to power station regional condition.

Framework structure; 1U or 2u, 19 standard box, easy and convenient to install and use.


System index Work environment requirement

 Data acquisition time :
Local first time start:<=90seconds
Location variation restart: <=90seconds
 Location invariable restart: <=45seconds
 Instant power-off restart: <=20seconds
 Location accuracy: 10.1'
 Time accuracy: 0.15S
 Output port characteristic:
 External voltage in the empty contact between CE: VCE<30V
 Allowable current in the empty contact between CE: ICE<50mA
 NTP network time synchronization port:
 One or two routes network (RJ45) port output NTP service by Ethernet, as the unified time corrector for other computers in the network and network equipments. It can set up the equipments IP address, when lose the GPS signal, it can be to the secondary time sever.
 Use protocol: NTP (Net Time Protocol ) , SNTP (Simple Net Time Protocol) , DTP protocol(Date Time Protocol) and serial port self-definition protocol(ASC codes) Providing the multi-operation systems NetTime software, and flexible to install and use.
 Serial port:
 RS232/RS422(RS485) output
 Baud rate(1200,2400,4800,9600) can set up
 IRIG-B style output:
A. DC voltage output
B. Sinusoidal modulation output
 Programmable pulse output
 Through the face slab may program the output pulse respectively into second pulse(1PPS) , minute pulse(1PPH) , hour pulse(1PPH) and so on, the signal pulsewidth is 200mS
 Empty contact output:7 ( may set up)
 TTl level output:1 (may set up)
 Electric condition:
Power supply: direct current 176~260V alternating current 220V120%
Power: no more than 15W

 Environment temperature: -100~+500, the average temperature can not surpass +350 in 24 hours;
 Storing temperature: -10 0 ~+70 0, no addition to the drive quantity under the limit value, no irreversible conversion to the device, after the temperature resuming, the device can work normally;
 Relative humidity: less than 85
 Air pressure: 80 kPa ~110kPa
 Working place: deviate the datum location less than 5
 There should not be explosive medium, either the gas which can corrode the metal and destroy the insulation or conductive media; can not fill with vapor and exist serious mold;
 The application place must have the facilities to defend rain , snow , wind, sand and dusty.
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