Sell Network Version Medicine Teaching Guardianship And First Aid Simulation System

Network Version Medicine Teaching Guardianship And First Aid Simulation System You May Also Be Interested In: first aid pupil
Simulation of the intensive care system; Guardianship medical record editor; Guardianship electrocardiogram teaching training and inspection; The cardiopulmonary resuscitation trains and inspects system; Eliminates the trill and the synchronized cardioversion training and inspection.

Defibrillate and electrical conversion simulation
The system clearly simulates the asynchronous defibrillation / automatic external defibrillation in vitro and synchronized cardioversion, etc. Three kinds of patterns operating processes and effects.
It has not the danger of high-pressure electric shock. The students have the identical feeling and the experience of real defibrillation in the extremely safe situation.
The defibrillation pattern and the electrical energy alternative mode(5-360j continuously adjustable) ;
Produces charges and charges sound; press button on the handle electrode to discharge, invigilator demonstrates the discharge wave and appears the electric shock sound in the same time, sync signal and the R wave unblanking appear in the synchronized cardioversion.
The cardiopulmonary resuscitation training and inspection
The system can help practising pneumatic duct management/artificial respiration and the exo-chest pressing. It can demonstrate the press position/the press depth and the spirit injection in artificial respiration;
Automatic analyze the right or maloperation frequency and percentage, according to US publication makes the latest cardiopulmonary resuscitation standard synthesis score.
Simulate pupil changes, the corresponding electrocardiogram/sound of the heart and the respiratory murmur after has been rescued.
Intensive care simulation
The system can simulate multi-parameter bedside monitoring, can setup alarm review and direction review, in order to show the patient status objectively.
Edit monitor case
The application of illness editor may perform extremely convenient revision, and add the monitor teaching case.
The monitor electrocardiogram training and checking
System can save more than 200 guardianship electrocardiograms and the distinct training inspection software in advance. It lists the electrocardiogram analysis main point, and can point out as necessary the analysis department is wrong, so long as several times basically trains the student to be able to grasp the electrocardiogram diagnosis of the general arrhythmic
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