Sell Neutral Links

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Neutral Links & Earthling Bars, come with multi sockets and screws to accommodate as many as 4 to 200 neutral wires to minimize space and enhance their performance and management of the Neutral Links & Neutral Bars become easier. Neutral Links & Neutral Bars are available in various sizes and capacities with stunning dimensions with quality assured finishing.

Brass Free Cutting Extrusion section equalant to IS-319 type (I) or BS-249 Type (I) ,

Heavy Duty Terminal Blocks, Modular Terminal Blocks, Pluggable Terminal Block, Power Blocks, Printed Circuit Board, Regular Duty Terminal Blocks

Diameters in 7x9, 9x9, 8x10, 8x12, 8x16mm with customized length.

Standard threads like 3mm,4mm and 6mm or any other as per customers need.

Pan Head, Philps or Cheased head screws in Brass or MS with required finish.
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