Sell Neutral Silicone Sealant for Marble and Stone

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One-component, medium modulus, neutral, room temperature cure.
Excellent weatherproofing and durable performance.
Excellent contact-change and extrusion ability.
Excellent adhesion to stone, ceramics and cement stainless steel.
Neutral cure, no corrosive to stone and concrete.

Used to joints sealing in dry-hang for marble, granite curtain-wall and precasting cement engineering.
Used for concrete construction and expansion joint sealing in high-way engineering.
Used on repairing house, ceiling waterproofing and family decoration.

The sealed place must be completely cleaned and dried. If necessary, washing them with solvents such as toluene or acetone.
In order to keep better appearance. The joint of cover outside areas should be masked with tape before sealants apply.
Sealant can be repaired immediately and the masking tape should be removed before the sealant skins.
Previous using experiment is necessary beforehand.

Don't use as structural sealant.
Don't use to joints which is hidden in earth or immersed in water for long time.
Don't use to greasy surface of building materials.