Sell New 2 day diet

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New 2 day diet

Detailed Product Description

To lose weight in a healthy way, balanced diet and proper sport are essential. Taking this product when you doing proper sport are good for the absorption of protein which is used to form muscle, Co-enzyme's Raw materials and other vitamins, thus can enhance metabolism.


l Please Check the ingredients, do not take if you are allergic to the ingredient.

l Cease when have the case of adverse reflection to body used by

poor health, high school students, pregnant, breast-feeding or the elderly.

l Please ask for doctor or experts advice when used together with other medicine or during the illness

l Keep in dry, cool place. Please use when open the packing

l no overdose please

l Some flecks on the surface are from the raw materials, please be assured to use.

Specification:10capsules/box W6 small boxes/box

Main ingredients: Semen cassiae extract, lotus leaf, tuckahoe extract, alisma extract, Polygonum multiflorum extract, L-carnitine tartrate and Magnesium Stearate

Landmark ingredients and content: 0.13 g Total Anthraquinone, 5.8 g L-Carnitine per 100 g

Storage: keep in dry and cool place without shining directly.

Usage: take 2 capsules before breakfast with warm water one day