Sell New Dyneema Gloves With PU Coating

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New Dyneema Gloves With PU Coating

Item No:BGDC102
Material:Dyneema, PU
Size: 9' 10'
MOQ:200 doz


1, Seamless Dyneema liner is up to 15 times stronger than steel (weight for weight) and outperforms aramid fibers in cut and abrasion resistance.
2, Dyneema liner is stretchy and form fitting, allowing a high level of dexterity.
3, The PU coating provides exceptional abrasion resistance, but is light enough to ensure outstanding dexterity and tactility.
4, Gray color hides dirt, making it a good choice for many tough and dirty applications.
5, The back of the glove is un-coated, for ventilation and comfort.
6, Contains no reaction causing, natural rubber proteins.
7, Cuff over-stitching is color-coded by size to reduce sorting time after laundering.
8, Complies with USDA and FDA regulations, 21 CFR, for use in food processing.


Ideally suited to material handling and assembly work involving sharp objects like sheet metal, metal shavings, glass and metal parts. Sheet metal fabrication, machine shops, glass industry, food processing, automotive and other assembly work.