Sell New Generation:18mm Noiseless APOLLO Series Laminate Flooring

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Leading company provide new generation laminate flooring: 18mm noiseless APOLLO series

Specification is as follows,
Thickness: 18mm
Dimension: 800x120mm
Abrasion classification: AC3-31(EN 13329)
Emission classification: E1
Inflammability classification: B1 (DIN 4102)
Spec. : Click System, HDF, Balancing Foil, Cork Substrate
Density: Over 0.9g/cm3
Other: Noiseless, Stain-resistant, Bleaching-resistant, Impact-resistant, Pressure-resistant, Scratch-resistant, Antibacterial
Packing: Colorful carton, pallet

APPOLO Series laminate flooring is developed by latest technology as a new generation product. It contains many technical characters much advanced than normal solid wood and laminate flooring.
1. ECO-FRIENDLY: APOLLO Series product uses top quality HDF made of wood from fast-growing plantation instead of solid wood. Videlicet it completely accords with ECO-FRIENDLY trend in the world.
2. COST-EFFECTIVE: As a result of using fast-growing wood, APOLLO Series product can be provided with much delighting competitive price comparing with normal expensive solid wood product for the reason of costly hardwood.
3. FEELING: The unique 18mm thickness of APOLLO Series product takes solid wood-like feeling to people when walking on it. It also comes into protecting effect to elder and children. This enjoyment will never be touched and gained from normal 8mm & 12mm laminate flooring.
4. NOISELESS: APOLLO Series product adds cork layer under the balancing foil as the substrate. For this special structure APOLLO Series product takes eximious noiseless effect in spite of walking or jumping on it. APOLLO Series product makes it reality to be never suffering from this walking-noise.
5. HEALTHY: Formaldehyde emission of APOLLO Series product is completely controlled in limit of Euro-standard E1(Under 1.5mg/L by the desiccator test value) . Furthermore its antibacterial character helps protect room environment from bacteria contaminating.
6. DURABILITY: The aluminum oxide overlay which is impregnated with melamine resin makes it rated at AC3 according to established international standards making it an exceptionally durable choice than normal laminate flooring. Its heavy thickness allow you to get rid of bother from distortion which always be caused from normal 8mm & 12mm laminate flooring.
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