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Model NO: HP-HR0603
1) Advanced 3-D virtual reality technology imitates horseback riding experience and helps to build physical strength and endurance
2) All new 8-curve action with forward/backward tilt and horizontal motion, strengthen abdominal, side, thigh and back muscles
3) Effectively strengthens the spine and helps to maintain a good posture, develops muscles strength and flexibility, trains the nerve system to improve motor function
4) Builds muscle strength and raises metabolic rate easily through the smooth "8-shaped"
seat movement
5) Basic "8-shaped" movement, together with the forward/backward tilt of the seat, focuses in shaping waist and hip
1) Lose weight/shape body
2) Concentrating in tightening waist and hip muscles
3) Soothes waist and knee pain
4) Solves problem of insufficient exercises
1) Input Voltage: Ac 110V-120V
2) Frequency: 50/60Hz
3) Power Consumption: 120W
4) Net weight: 37kg
5) Max. load: 100kg
6) User Height: 150-185cm
7) Dimensions: 76x42x85cm
8) Conveyance:
20'ft: 66pcs
40HQ: 144PCS