Sell New Product for Stalks decomposition to Organic Fertilizer

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Result microbe decomposition agent is a new high-tech product made by optimum distribution of the following facultative microbiotas and their quantities: Bacillus subtilis, Rhodothe ceglutinis lactise, Pichia pastoris, Hansenula anomala, Debaryomyces hansenii and Trichosporon mucoides. The distribution process is according to the factors of soil humus and humus acid formation. With this product, stalks could be decomposed directly on filed within the shortest time through returning the stalks back to field and making compost ( different processing mode according to different cultivation habit and different need of farming season. ) Returning stalks to field as fertilizer, will be good not only for enhancing soil fertility, but also for reducing the carbon dioxide outlet quantity, and protecting the environment. Because organic fertilizer can keep soil fertility, increase yield.
This product is one of the national key torch projects, and passes the toxicity determination by Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control, and the quality test by The Microbial Fertilizers and Edible Fungus Strains Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center of Ministry of Agriculture. Here are the features:
1. Tests show that after having used this product for 3 years, some changes happen to the soil: Nitrogen increases by 2%, phosphorus pentoxide increases by 0.8%, potassium chloride increases by 2.3%, This likes to say another 4.3kg urea, 6.2kg superphosphate, 4.7kg potassium sulfate being applied. Additionally, soil porosity will be increased about 1.7%~7%. The soil fertility and organic matter will be advanced effectively and the domestic tests prove that the yields would increase by 5~7% per mu.
2. With little dosage and short time. Result microbe decomposition can decompose stalks in field of one mu with 10 grams per mu, and about 20~30 days the corn, rice, straw, sugarcane bagasse and other kinds of stalks, which are rich in cellulose, can be rotted more than 95%.
3. With simple operating method. Immerse this product in water to be activated, and then dilute and spray it.
4. Be environmental and ecological. It solute the pollution problem brought by stalks burning and residues of stalks, to decompose them directly.
It is 2007 when this product came to the market and has been used widely in china. It is a high-tech, of energy conversation and high profit rate product. Looking forward to your call or letter for a further business negociation