Sell New RF Beauty Machine

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We use RF beauty equipment EB092A to achieve the following therapies: tightening skin and body shaping/lifting face skin/removing wrinkle on face/improving wrinkle of neck/improving acne/improving striae

1. High-power shortening hairdressing time
2. No cooling technology increases hairdressing effect
3. Combined wide-range radio makes the deep tissue get energy evenly
4. Long time rebirth result
Electrode Type: Mono & Bi Polar
Treatment Area:
1) Monopolar Tips: 15mm/20mm/30mm/43mm
2) Bipolar Tips: 20mm/43mm
Working Mode: Continues
LED Screen: VFD
RF Frequency: 1MHz-10MHz
Rated Output Power: 260W (max)
Rated Input Power: 350VA
Rated Input Voltage: AC230V110%, 50Hz11Hz or AC110V110%, 60Hz11Hz (optional) ;
Net Weight (Including Bracket) : 15kg
Physical Dimensions:
1) Host system: 40cmW40cmW15cm
2) Bracket: 30cmW45cmW70cm