Sell New Tahitian and Mabe Pearl Jewelry Collections

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We are proud to announce the debut of two new luxury cultured pearl collections on our Web site featuring gorgeous black Tahitian pearls and large, exotic Mabe pearls.

Both collections are now part of our extensive pearl jewelry offerings due to worldwide demand for these exquisite pearls. Once only offered for sale in high-end markets, theyre now available through Cnepearls at very affordable, competitive prices.

Gorgeous necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings are found in both collections in styles and prices sure to please a variety of fashion tastes. The quality of these pearls is exceptional and range from Grade A to Grade AAA.

The Tahitian pearl is regarded as a jewel of the sea representing both power and purity. Our pearls are sourced direct from the exotic South Pacific waters of Tahiti; specifically, from pearl farms located in French Polynesian lagoons. The Tahiti pearl is created naturally by the Pinctada Margaritifera, a black-lipped pearl oyster species. Its the only oyster that produces a naturally colored black pearl. While black is the most sought-after hue, followed by lighter shades of black and gray.

Some of our most popular Tahitian designs include:
 10-11mm Black Tahitian round Pearl Circle-design Pendant in 925 silver
 10-11mm Tahitian Pearl & Clear CZ's Ring in Sterling silver
 Stunning 925 silver Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Swarovski CZ's Passion Pendant

The Pteria penguin oyster produces the mabe pearl, an unusual cultured pearl with a domed, half pearl appearance and a flat back. Colors range from white and black, to grey, grayish-blue and pink. It takes 2 to 6 years to grow each pearl.

A few of our most popular mabe pearl jewelry pieces are:
 Couture designer 925 silver 20-21mm mabe pearl pendant necklace
 Elegant designer sterling silver round mabe pearl pendant
 Lovely designer sterling silver pendant with white mabe pearl