Sell New Type Automatic Heel Lasting Machine

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This machine is suitable for lasting the shoes of heels height less than 180mm. This
machine is equipped with the last height micro switch, which makes the machine
easily adjust and find the accurate position.

We have full sizes of wipers and forming bands, which adapt to the shape of shoes.
The forming bands are wrapped by chain and can make a good forming effect.

This machine adopts gears, gear racks and ratchet wheels to quickly and accurately
adjust the brace.

The second time pressing of the last brace works with the wiper-heating device to
improve the lasting effect. It flattens the upper and upgrades the quality of the
shoes. With the special design of rising oil line, the last holder controls the
last in a fixed position in the process of upper-binding.

Model: YL-859A
Dimensions (LxWxH) :1200x770x1430mm3
Packing size(LxWxH) : 1300x830x1550mm3
Production Capacity: 2000 pairs/8hrs
Weight: 590kg
Power: 2HP
Electro heat: 0.4kW
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