Sell New Water Purifier for fast distribution is available

New Water Purifier for fast distribution is available You May Also Be Interested In: coagulant prophylaxis purifier water purifier
Dear Friends,
Please pay your attention to the following New Product perfect
for Fast & Vast Distribution and important for any market:

What will world problem coming soon? Crude Oil or Pure water ?

NEW Quality of the life right now!

High-active cost-saving Purifier of water (multi-functional liquid coagulant) !

Just one bottle 0,33 Litre of purifier provides 330 Litres of extremely-pure
water for 5 cents per one litre !

Whether you know how many water your body contains? . . . . . . . . . 80% !
What quantity of potable water you use during your life? . . . . . . . . . 75 tons !
How you could save your own health ? . . . . . .

<< The best potable water - water of your own production! >>

This Purifier is the best of all advanced coagulating technology in
purification of water known in the world today.
Product is available for international distribution and really is novelty on
international consumer market, and today is easily available both to ordinary
customers and governments to satisfy theirs vitally important and strategic

Multi-functional Purifier is simple in use (- as coagulant; - as solution; in
primary concentrated form) for : household; farming; urban (municipal) ,
clinical, military needs; medicine including phyto-medicines and cosmetics
(beauty treatment and hairdressing) ; therapy and prophylaxis of various
diseases and epidemics; everyday hygienic (sanitary) needs; nutrition (home and
child's feeding, public catering, food industry and military) , etc.

International Distributorship Possibility with ultra-minimal investment as
US$1800 !
Price: US$16.50 / bottle (0,33L) F. O. B. Ukraine. Trial & Minimal monthly
quantity for First Line Network Distributor : 108 bottles (3 packs includes 36
bottles each, one plastic (P. E. T. ) bottle - 0,33L) . Delivery by Express Mail.
Prepayments acceptable in US$ or Euro (preferable) . Good discounts plan.
Qualified Wholesaler order is one container (30000 bottles) , special price
F. O. B. : US$300000. L/C possible.

If you would like to buy or to become a distributor (Wholesale, MLM Networks,
Direct Sellings, etc. ) please contact us.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
from 108 bottles per month
Condition of Goods
0,33 L
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
10 days
Minimum Order Quantity
108 bottles / 0,33 L
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB Ukraine; CIF