Sell New Zoll AED Plus (ZP001)

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The Zoll AED Plus is like no other AED unit. It provides complete instruction for AED and CPR application. The Zoll AED Plus uses loud, clear voice prompts to instruct the user when, where and how to apply the AED pads. Then it informs the user when to shock or not shock the victim. But, what separates the Zoll AED Plus from all other AED units is that it provides complete CPR coaching through the entire revival process. It instructs the user where to compress the chest of the victim, when to compress and how hard to compress. Simply follow the voice prompts to ensure high quality lifesaving AED and CPR application. Medical studies support that high quality AED application coupled with high quality CPR application provides the victim with the greatest chance of survival. That's the Zoll advantage.

The ZOLL AED Plus makes AED and CPR application fool-proof, and perfect for the novice rescuer.

The Zoll AED Plus also has an optional ECG upgrade, making it the perfect choice for medical professionals.

The Zoll AED Plus has optional pediatric electrode pads, making it the perfect choice for schools, daycare centers, and places frequented by children.

Finally, the ZOLL AED Plus is the only AED that uses inexpensive Duracell. consumer batteries. There's no need to buy expensive proprietary battery packs for this machine. Over the life of the AED, you can be sure to save hundreds of dollars, and hours of labor by being able to test and replace your own batteries without the help of a professional.

The Zoll AED Plus displays pictures combined with text displays and voice prompts. The pictures light up to draw the rescuer's attention. The pictures then illuminate in sequence to guide the rescuer from one action to the next. The text displays and loud, clear voice prompts correspond to the illuminating pictures to ensure the rescuer knows when and how to perform every important life-saving action.

Zoll's multi-channel approach to providing realtime instruction to the rescuer ensures the highest quality AED and CPR application. Zoll makes resuscitation easier than ever before.

Ordinary AED units require rescuers to use one set of electro pads for adults and another set of pads for children. The result is the rescuer is forced to make the critical decision on which set of pads to apply during the emergency. This can be a stressful obligation to impose on the rescuer during an already tense situation. Two sets of electro pads can be confusing.
Zoll has responded to this dreaded and confusing problem by utilizing the Zoll CPR-D-pads. These pads can be used on adults and children, and last for four years - the longest shelf life of any pads available today. Zoll makes resuscitation easier than ever before.

The Zoll AED Plus has intelligent pediatric capability. The Zoll AED-Plus can safely defibrillate children from 1 to 8 years of age, using the Pedi-Padz II electrodes. The Pedi-Padz II helps the AED-Plus unit recognize that a pediatric rescue is in progress. The result is the AED-Plus uses ECG analysis designed specifically for a pediatric heart rate, and the appropriate defibrillation energy levels to effective defibrillate either an adult or child.

The American Heart Association pronounced that the number one problem associated with administering CPR was poor quality compressions. Zoll has responded to this problem by incorporating realtime CPR instruction and feedback into the AED-Plus unit. With loud, clear voice prompts, pictures, and text displays the AED-Plus instantaneously informs the rescuer of when, where and how hard to compress the chest during CPR. No more guessing. Simply follow the Zoll AED-Plus CPR prompts. No other AED unit available today has such a lifesaving feature.

Your All Inclusive Zoll AED Plus (ZP001) Rescue Package includes:

 1 Brand New AED Plus Defibrillator with text, pictures and voice prompts
 1 Pair Of CPR-D Pads, which provide realtime CPR feedback (Free replacement pads available from Zoll)
 Duracell Batteries (Free replacements batteries available from Zoll)
 1 User Manual
 1 Quick Use Guide
 FREE Soft Carrying Case ($49 value)
 FREE 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty ($99 value)
 FREE Data Review Software
 FREE 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
 FREE UPS Ground Shipping to the US
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
100 units per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
5.25 x 9.50 x 11.50 inches
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
2 weeks
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Power Requirements
120 joules into 50 OHM load
Warranty Coverage
5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
6.7 pounds