Sell New and inovative patented Building Product

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Mega Anchor for buildings, Decks, farm fencing, Signs, Retaining walls and many other applications.
Opportunities to become a distributors. We can supply product from Australia or China.

Distribution opportunities available all countries.

This patented steel product has a diverse range of applications within the building and associated industries. The product has sustainable competitive advantage in local and international markets.
Winner of prestigious industry awards, and proven as a cost effective and environmentally sound product.

Brief Product Description:

 The Mega Anchor is a revolutionary
and innovative building product
that replaces the use of brick piers,
stumps and posts in the ground.

 The Mega Anchor is a galvanized steel
tripod, utilized as a pile guide which
accommodates piles in the ground
to form a pile group.


Quick and easy to Install
No post holes required
No concrete required
 Mega Anchors are impervious to
Termites and other vermin
 Mega Anchor Reduces the need for site
preparation and the use of heavy
mechanical plant and equipment.
Mega Anchor is the Innovative solution to construction difficulties
encountered in varying terrains & geographic locations, this means
that Mega Anchors can be installed:
 in limited access sites
 in most weather conditions.
 Mega Anchors bear full load capacity
immediately after installation
 Supports vertical downward forces,
lateral forces, & uplift forces
 Mega Anchors Absorb vibration.
The minimum tool required for installation of this product is a sledge hammer, for volume and effortless installation an air hammer or electric Kango hammer is used.
This product is ideal for Bulk Housing projects.
Foundation for: Buildings, Fences, Signs, Tie down for Mobile homes,
Wind generators, radio aerials and much more.
Let your imagination run wild for many other uses.