Sell New gift&souvenir-Soccer-Fan Umbrella

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New gift&souvenir-Soccer-Fan Umbrella , which can sing & light up will bring you more happiness or fun. It is new souvenir and new gift and is the great favorite with soccer fans. Here is general idea of Happy Football-Fan Umbrella:

A football-shaped colorlight is attached to the top of Football-Fan Umbrella with popular Football-Fan songs like OLE!OLE!OLE, etc stored in CMOS. Looking at the emitting light and listening to the football-fan song on Football-Fan Umbrella, isn't it exciting to you saying 'Great '. Only if the logo of soccer team/club is printed on Football-Fan Umbrella, it is perfect.
We can design football logos and pictures as required. Football-Fan Umbrella can motivate Football Fans more passion and happiness. Such new and innovative product, namely, Football-Fan Umbrella, is the best gift or souvenir soccer fans love.