Sell New-style Radiator

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The New-style novelty civilian steel radiator:
Utilizing Italy laser inner-jointing technology, it's a energy-saving heating equipment, characterized with highly corrosion resistance, little heat inertia, highly metallic heat intensity, great radiating power and beautiful sculpt. It can meet a lot of environmental-protecting and energy-saving request. And it can help you to create a magnificently lofty living room.
The switch among manifold functions, the agile combinations among manifold forms give widely conceiving room to clients. Three heating options single water, single electricity or water and electricity, let you choose random and enjoy "the housing sun". It also can be connected with other furniture freely according to the optional auto-control temperature setting compounded by so many ornate fittings with great practice functions.
Every type is well connected by designers, embodied the humanity, personality and anthropomorphizes with most extent. More care and most delicate design served for the clients who pursue healthy lift style and pay attention to life quality themselves. You can enjoy the magnificent housing air, reflecting the history and culture, putting inspirit and taste together, showing noble life essence.
Less weight: The New-style Radiator can achieve equal energy only based on 1/3-1/4 steel weigh.
Small water capability: During the system running, The New-style Radiator only uses half water compared with traditional ones. Especially for sub-heating consumers, it not only saves water, but cut down the time for adjusting room temperature. Fifty minutes is enough for achieving ideal radiator surface temperature. It is the well combination for office workers to get "technical energy saving" and "behavior energy saving".
Non-slot pipe: The radiative pipe in New-style Radiator totally non-slot pipe refined drawed by use low-carbon. As the advanced raw and processed materials, the potential quality troubles in the weld process have been decreased greatly.