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Moment of inertia refers to a physical quantity of inertia of a rigid rotating body, which is related to the mass distribution of rigid body as well as the position of the shaft. To correctly measure the moment of inertia of an object is of utmost importance for engineering. Measuring the moment of inertia by method of three-wire pendulum is an important basic experiment stipulated in teaching program of science and engineering colleges and universities. The apparatus uses laser photoelectric sensor and a counting and hour meter to measure the torsion oscillation period of suspended disc. Students can master the physics concept of moment of inertia and the measuring method and understand what factors are related to moment of inertia. Moment of inertia measuring apparatus is developed on base type. Except that the original experimental items are remained, the bed of the original apparatus is replaced with rails, which is favorable for adjustment of light pass and saves experiment time. The apparatus is suitable for studying and analyzing same-period vibration of suspended disc and cyclic variation. The apparatus is visual and has high accuracy. It is a typical example of traditional experiments that use modern technology.
The apparatus can be used for following experiments:
Learning how to measure the moment of inertia with three-wire pendulum method;
Measuring moment of inertia of two objects that has same mass but different mass distribution, and comparing them;
Verifying the parallel axis theorem of moment of inertia.

Product Feature
Length of pendulum wire: >500mm
Total weight: 11.6Kg
Resolution of hour meter: 0.001S
Counting range: less than 60
Sample: small cylinder 2 pieces; Disc and ring 1 piece each