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The network video camera product solution is applicable for the small and medium family, business office or each occasion that needs to use the remote network video transmission and monitoring; this product is easy to install, and the operating is simple and convenient.

Product Feature:
 Adopting the high-performance and powerful programmable media processor Hi3510, single chip SOC, built-in (ARM+DSP) and hi-speed video protocol processor;
 Adopting the optimized H.264 video compression arithmetic and realizing the low network bandwidth transmission of clear image easily;
 Supporting the synchronous browse of 12 users at most;
 The built-in Web Server can facilitate the user to use the standard IE browser to realize the real-time monitoring and setting management of front-end;
 Supporting WIFI/802.11b/g wireless network;
 Provided with SD card groove for the convenience of image local-storage by the user;
 Image resolution: 640 x 480, 320 x 240;
 Supporting remote system upgrade;
 Supporting dynamic domain name explanation, supporting LAN and Internet (ADSL, Cable Modem) ;
 Supporting numerous network protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, PPPoE, Dynamic DNS, DNS Client, SNTP, BOOTP, DHCP, FTP, SNMP and WIFI/802.11b/g;
 Supporting bidirectional audio talkback and audio broadcasting;
 Motion detection and alarming function (the area and sensitivity can be set) ;
 Supporting image shielding/image snap shot;
 Automatic abnormity recovery function, the network can be reconnected after the intermission;
 Dynamic alarming function, the alarming time and area can be set;
 3 hours video can be burnt within 1 G.
Supply Capacity
2,000 Units Per Month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
3 days
Minimum Order Quantity
100 units
Power Requirements
50/60 hz
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