Sell Newest Skating Sensation

Newest Skating Sensation You May Also Be Interested In: shoe size
This is a new skating sensation that will be the new wave for children.
Followings are the description of the product in brief:
* It is a shoe attachment gear that allows children/teenager to do "heeling" rolling actions.
Main Advantages: a. it is not restricted to shoe size (like other products in the market) as
the base is adjustable;
b. it therefore can be shared by members of family of all ages.
* The wheels of the shoe come with Patented Flashing Light system. This product is currently doing well in HongKong, Germany, Australia, USA and in over 20 countries.
* This product has recently been launched in major retailers in Singapore, including Toys R Us, Takashimaya, Carrefour and Giant etc.
This product will help children explore new things, in the process, builds their confidence; and also provide a great balance of outdoor/indoor activities for today's children.