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Product use
This product is cold curable newspaper cylinder ink with three classes of advanced, medium and low. It is suitable for homebred and imported wide-frame equipments with high velocity of 30000-60000, 70000-100000 and 100000-130000 print per hour. It is primarily used for newsprint.
Product Characteristics
Vivid color, high color concentration, clear-cut halftone dot, high gloss, excellent reproducibility
Excellent fluidity and color transferability, excellent on-machine stability, flying ink free
Quick ink-water balance, suitable to different water and fountain solution, few of paper wasted
With new type of resin to win excellent adherence, excellent wearable quality, high curable velocity, high anti-tack quality and excellent on-machine transferring quality
XCL series are suitable to the press with high velocity of more than 30000 print per hour.
Test conditions:
1. IR: Viscometer 400rpm, 320C, 1minute
2. SR: parallel plate viscometer, 0.5ml, 60s diameter
3. soft-type ink represented with S is suitable to be used in winter.
Application Guide
Using directly without any additive
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