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Newsprint can be delivered from 45 GSM to 48.8 GSM
standard and from 42 GSM to 52 GSM Improved.
Allianz offers a centralized procurement strategy , for Newspaper Houses and publications seeking economies of scale through corporate-wide standardization and benchmarking. We proactively integrate and coordinate Newspaper houses by offering worldwide purchasing of Newsprint and engineering the logistics to, and from operating locations. Allianz permits the Newspaper Houses to tap into resources unavailable domestically, developing alternate supplier/vendor sources to stimulate competition, and increasing total supply capacity. In the busy schedules of maintaining a Newspaper Company, often you compromise on total satisfaction by just using a reliable input source.
Our massive outreach which blankets more than 63 Countries and relative manufacturers, offer you a substantial choice in terms of not just quality and Price, but more significantly in priority run on the production machines and very strict delivery schedules. Our experience in the production and quality control of Newsprint gives us unparalleled knowledge in the Industry.
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