Sell Ni-Mh Battery Charger For E Bike

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Output Current: 3A~6A CONTINUOUS
Output Voltage: 24v
Max Output Voltage: 31v
Input Voltage: 115V / 230V OPTION SWITCH
115V (95V~132V) / 230V (180V~264V)
Protection Against Over-Voltage: About 32. 5v automatic shut-off
Protection Against Overload: About 8A automatic shut-off
Protection Against Short Circuit Output: fuse severs or shut-off automatically
Environmental Temperature of Use: -10 degree C. ~50 degree C.
Environmental Temperature of Preservation: -25 degree C. ~85 degree C.
Operating Temperature 0 degree C. ~40 degree C.
Dimensions: L180mm*W93mm*H53mm
Weight: 0. 83kg