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Formula: Ni (CH3COO)2.4H2O
CAS No. : 6018-89-9
M. W. : 248.84
Properties: Green monoclinic crystal. Odor is like acetic acid. Density:1.744g/cm3, decomposed when heating, Freely soluble in water and ethanol, liquefied ammonia
Specification(%) :
Index Industrial Grade Industrial grade(low content of Cobalt)
Nickel (Ni) 23%min 23%min
Cobalt (Co) 0.5%max 0.1%max
Copper (Cu) 0.0008%max 0.0008%max
Iron (Fe) 0.0008%max 0.0008%max
Lead (Pb) 0.0005%max 0.0005%max
Zinc (Zn) 0.0005%max 0.0005%max
Sulfate (SO4 ) 0.05%max 0.05%max
Chloride (Cl - ) 0.005%max 0.005%max
Water insoluble 0.2%max 0.2%max

Application: Used in precise plating, surface treatment of Aluminum profile and ceramic glazing
Storage: Store in a cool, ventilating place. Prevent package from breaking and deliquescing
Packing and product image: 25kg net, Paper/PE complex bags with double PE inners
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