Sell Nickel Sulphate (High Purity)

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Physical and Chemical Properties: Emerald granular crystal. Soluble in water; easily soluble in alcohol and ammonia. Poisonous!
Used in coloring of anodized aluminum profiles, nickel-plating
Package: 25kg/cardboard drum

Main Technical Index:
Nickel Sulphate: 98.0%min
Nickel+ Cobalt: 22.00%min
Sodium+Potassium: 30ppm max
Ammonium: 20ppm max
Chlorides: 20ppm max
Nitrates: 50ppm max
Copper: 20ppm max
Iron: 0.002% max
Cobalt: 0.02% max
Calcium: 0.01% max
Lead, Zink, Manganese: Tr
H2O Insolubility: 0.01% max
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