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Nicosulfuron is a member of the sulfonylurea family of herbicides. It controls weeds by inhibiting the plant enzyme acetolactate synthase, or ALS. This enzyme is not found in livestock, fish or man. Inhibiting the ALS enzyme system blocks the production of the amino acids, valine and isoleucine, essential building blocks of proteins and other plant components. Nicosulfuron is applied postemergence with a non-ionic surfactant when weeds are 4-12 inches tall and actively growing. Rain within two hours of application will not decrease the effectiveness . Nicosulfuron is used for control of weeds such as Johnsongrass, quackgrass, foxtails, shattercane, panicums, barnyardgrass, sandbur, pigweed, morningglory and others. Crops include field corn and popcorn.
Nicosulfuron comes in a 75% water dispersible granule formulation. It may be tank mixed with a limited number of other compounds
CAS #: 111991-09-4