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Product name: Nicosulfuron
Chemical name: 2- (4,6- Dimethoxpyrimidin -2- ylcarbamoyl - sulfamoyl) -N, N- dimethylnicotinamid
Molecular formula: C15H18N6O6S
Molecular weight: 410.40
CAS No. : 111991-09-4
Property: Technical grade is colorless crystal , Melting point 172-173C. Solubility in water 400nm/l (PH5 buffer. PH5.01) , 120g/L (PH7buffer, PH6.85) , 39.2g/L (PH9buffer, PH8.8) , acetone 18g/L, acetonitrile 23 g/L, chloroform 64 g/L, DMF64 g/L, ethanol 4.5 g/L, dichloromethane 160 g/L, hexane<20 mg/L, toluene 70 g/L. Kow0.44(PH5) , 0.017(PH7) , 0.01(PH9) . acid, pKn3.6(25C) .
Uses: It is systemic and low toxicity herbicide, can eliminate annual weed and perennial broadleaf weed such as barnyard grass, wild oat, green bristlegrass, digitaria, goose grass, culrage, Amaranthus retroflexus, black nightshade, santhium sibiricum Patr. , abutilon, dayflower, bur beggartick, etc.
Nicosulfuron 95% Tech;
Nicosulfuron 75% WDG;
Nicosulfuron 75% WP.
Package: As per customer's instruction.