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The Nintendo DS has been redesigned! The new Nintendo DS Lite is a sleeker, sexier version of Nintendo's innovative dual-screen handheld console. The new redesign makes the DS smaller, lighter, and even brighter while retaining all the console's original functionality. It also comes in an attractive white color scheme, and its design looks much, much nicer than that of the bulky DS.

The most obvious new feature is the DS Lite's variable brightness settings. Players can choose from four separate settings, each of varying brightness levels and battery consumption. The built-in microphone and power indicator have been relocated to the center hinge, and the power and select buttons have been moved below the main action buttons. But it's size that matters here: the DS Lite weighs 218 grams (down from 275 for the original DS) , and the overall dimensions have been reduced. The height has been reduced from 84.79mm to 73.9mm, and the width from 148.7mm to 133mm. The DS Lite is thinner when folded too, making it easier to transport for on-the-go play.

Languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian.

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