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Nintendo DS Lite will come with all the unique features of the original DS, but its weight and size have

been trimmed down. While the original DS weighed in at 275 grams, DS Lite is 218 grams.

The handheld's size has been improved overall, as its width has been reduced from 148.7mm to 133mm, and

its height has been reduced from 84.7mm to 73.9mm. Its thickness has also been reduced by nearly a third,

from 28.9mm to 21.5mm (when folded) .

Capability-wise, the DS Lite has all the functions that were present on the original DS, including the

dual screens, touch panel, microphone input, and Wi-Fi connection. As a new hardware feature, the DS Lite

will come with four adjustable levels of screen brightness. Nintendo said it decided to name the new

model DS Lite because of its light weight, and also for its screen brightness. One feature that has yet

to be clarified is whether the unit will be backward compatible with Game Boy Advance games.

Live images of its DS Lite (pictured) , which reveals that the handheld has undergone a minor face-lift.

While the original DS had its microphone and battery power indicator on the bottom, it's been relocated

to the middle hinge between the two screens. The layout of the main four buttons is the same as on the

original DS, but the start and select buttons have been placed on the bottom, and their sizes have been


The image released by Nintendo shows the DS Lite having a white body, versus the metallic silver color of

the original DS. Nintendo hasn't said whether this will be the default color of the machine. But there

are at least 2 other confirmed colours to be launched in March

The menu features English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Italian languages and comes 100% region

free for all games. That means you can purchase the machine from us and buy games from anywhere and not

have to worry since they will all work!

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