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Product Name: Nisin, S. Lactic Peptide
Appearance: Off-white powder
Acitve content: not less than 1200 IU/mg
Nisin is a polypeptide extracted and purified from the fermentation of Streptococcus Lactic strain, which contains thirty-four amino acid residues. It possesses anti-microbial activity against a wide rang of Gram-positive bacteria which makes foods putrid, especially inhibits the heat-resistant bacillus, Clostridium Botulinum and Listeria Monocytogenes and so on. When using it in the process of food, it can not only reduce the time of heat treatment, the time of disinfection, and the energy to use, but also can make the food retain its original character. It is a natural, nonpoisonous and high efficacious food preservative.
The stability depends on the level of PH, the temperature and the composition of the solution. It is stable in the condition of low temperature, acid and exists of big molecular protein. For example, under acid conditions, activity is without loss of activity in 30 minutes at 1200at PH 2.0. And mixed with food, the stability of Nisin will arise more in the protection of big molecular protein of the food.
The solubility will get up when the PH of solution is down. Its solubility increases with decreasing PH. Its solubility is 49.0mg/ml at PH 7 in water.
Nisin is a polypeptide, it will be broken down into amino acid by a -chymotrypsinogen in the digestive system when eaten. Also, it will not change the normal bacterial community in intestine or cause drug resistance with other antibiotic substance. Moreover, it does not appear chiasmatic resistance of using other antibiotic substance. The study of microbes of nisin showed that nisin was safe as the food preservative. In March 1992, the Ministry of Public Health of China authorized nisin as the supplemental food additive in QB2394-98. In 1969, the Joint Food Additives Organization/WHO Experts Committee on food additives gave nisin international acceptance. It is the only bacteriocins, which can inhibit the putrefactive and keep foods fresh in the world at present.
Low the temperature to kill bacterial for food, and shorten the time of killing bacterial in food, reduce the damage of nutrition and keep the high food quality, and also can store food for long time. It is a natural food additive, so it can replace other chemical synthesized food preservatives.
Application Field:
It is applied under the low temperature food industry. Mainly used into meat, aquatic products, fresh milk or daily products, canned food and fruit drink, plant protein, baked products, instant food, brewery and so on. It also can be used as preservative in gelatine processing, cosmetic, drugs and healthy products.
Direction for use:
Directly (or made into suspend solution first with boiled water around 5%) put it into food and stir well or used in combination with other preservatives as compound preservative.
Package: 1kg/bottle, 10 bottle/carton
Storage: Store in dry, shady and cool place, sealed.
Shelf life: 24 months