Sell Nitric acid

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Formula: HNO3
Applications: Can be used in medicine, dyestuff, equipment for taking photos. It is also one of the important materials of explosive industry.
Appearance :Light yellow, transparent liquid
Physicochemical characteristics: The specific gravity is 1.368-1.486 when the temperature is 20. It is strong oxidizer, a kind of strong acid with strong causticity. It is easy to be decompounded when heated.
Safety requirement: For its strong oxidizer, it should not be touched by organic substance. For its strong causticity, protective articles should be worn. The fire caused by nitric acid (cone) should be extinguished by sandy soil, carbon dioxide and washed by large amount of water. At the same time, toxicosis of nitrogen oxide should be avoided.
net weight :35KG
Package: Packed in aluminium pot or gallipot
Payment: L/c at sight or t/t or d/p at sight
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Light yellow
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L/c at sight or t/t or d/p at sight